Every sporting organization is unique, and therefore, the code of conduct and policies need to be equally unique. Every Youth Sports Organization (YSO) should have a code of conduct for athletes, coaches, and other adults who interact with children. Parents should feel empowered to ask questions of their YSO to ensure that child safety is a priority.

Questions Parents

May Want to Ask YSO's

 Does the organization have clear rules for staff and volunteers like a written “code of conduct” that addresses things like one on one interactions between adults and children and online communications with minors? 
 Would my child feel comfortable expressing concerns about the coaches, volunteers, or other athletes within the organization?
 Are the coaches and other staff or volunteers open to hearing my feedback about my family’s experience with the organization?  
 Am I allowed to observe practices or other training sessions? 
 Is the organization willing and able to provide me a copy of their background and screening procedures for coaches and volunteers?
 Are there clear protocols for reporting and responding to safety concerns?