What it is.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines CSA as: The involvement of a child in sexual activity that he or she does not fully comprehend, is unable to give informed consent to, or for which the child is not developmentally prepared and cannot give consent, or that violate the laws or social taboos of society.


adult behaviours

 Singling youth out for special attention or gift giving.
 Spending isolated one-on-one time with children such as in private practice sessions where others are not present.
 Touching children in ways not related to training for the sport.
 Telling youth sexual or inappropriate jokes and stories.
 Inappropriate comments on appearances

Signs a child may

have been abused

 Act out violently against others
 Become secretive and reluctant to share information
 Act withdrawn or anxious
 Are unable to explain injuries or have other physical symptoms (including soreness, pregnancy, STIs)
 Avoid being alone with certain people
 Exhibit age-inappropriate sexual behaviour or knowledge
 Appear to be the subject of an adult’s sexual attention
Are on their own without appropriate adult supervision
Are secretive about their phone/online activity
You can report any instance of sexual exploitation as well as online sexual abuse of a minor to CyberTipline.org or call
Discussing personal safety is increasingly important as tweens and teens grow more independent.